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Welcome to LdotR

We provide brand owners with a dependable and an efficient system to safeguard their
brands against threats arising out of the rapidly expanding online space.

brand protection

We specialise in identifying and assessing the threats that brands face in the online arena; and help brands take decisive steps to mitigate and neutralise the risks.

Brand protection
Learn how your brand may be at a risk from domain based identity thefts and what you can do to protect it. We offer brand protection across all channels including organic, paid, social, mobile.

Working with Intellectual Property experts and various community stakeholders, ICANN developed a mechanism that enable trademark holders to protect their rights in the expanding online space. Learn how you can acquire valid entry in the global digital trademark database.


Comprehensive reports, issued frequently that systematically assess the level of threat and activity associated with domains that are an exact or a close match to the brand name. Learn how BTAR can help your brands stay secure

gdlt services

One of the greatest beneficiary of the new gTLD program is brand owners. As of 2017, over 550 companies have launched their .Brands and others are in the process of launching soon.

gdlt services

With over 1200 new TLDs being introduced, there is an opportunity for both brand owners and entrepreneurs to acquire the relevant sub domains to utilise and protect their brands.

domain management

Our team and panel of experts have helped organizations create proper procedure and policy to acquire, manage, renew and discard domains names that are aligned with the company trademark and brand strategy.

domain management

Due to the rapid increase in internet penetration and the availability of cheap domains, the number and cases of fake domains are on the rise with more and more cases being reported in India.

domain management

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About Us

LdotR is a domain management solutions company, offering businesses the right solution and services to protect, manage and benefit from their digital assets related to brand portfolio. We are part of Better Value Brands (BVB) group of companies which is a diversified group in the area of food, fitness, retail, publishing, art, finance, tax & audit, medical information & cancer genomics. BVB enables entrepreneurs to grow, expand and realize their complete business potential working with business partners through Joint Ventures, Partnerships, Franchising & Co-developing businesses.

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